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Just Jackie: Her Private Years

Just Jackie

Her Private Years

Random House Publishing Group (2009)

In this journalistic tour de force, bestselling author Edward Klein, a friend of Jacqueline...

Katie: The Real Story


The Real Story

Crown/Archetype (2007)

For the past twenty-five years—first as the blithe spirit of the Today show, then as the only woman...

The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President

The Truth About Hillary

What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President

Penguin Publishing Group (2005)

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most polarizing figure in American politics. Love her or hate her,...

Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died

Ted Kennedy

The Dream That Never Died

Crown/Archetype (2009)

In the most inspiring speech of his career, Ted Kennedy once vowed: "For all those whose cares have...

The Amateur
Regnery Publishing (2013)

It’s amateur hour at the White House. So says New York Times bestselling author Edward Klein in...

Natural Language Processing with Python: Analyzing Text with the Natural Language Toolkit

Natural Language Processing with Python

Analyzing Text with the Natural Language Toolkit

Steven Bird, Ewan Klein and 1 more...
O'Reilly Media (2009)

This book offers a highly accessible introduction to natural language processing, the field that...

Relatedness in a Global Economy
Taylor and Francis (2018)

Massive social changes have brought prosperity to many groups and nations. Technological...

The Challenge of Social Innovation in Urban Revitalization
Techne Press (2011)

This book addresses urban revitalization by looking at bottom up initiatives, where residents and...

Lives of the Laureates: Twenty-three Nobel Economists

Lives of the Laureates (6th ed.)

Twenty-three Nobel Economists

The MIT Press (2014)

Autobiographical accounts by Nobel laureates reflect the richness and diversity of contemporary...

Foundational Issues in Human Brain Mapping
The MIT Press (2010)

Neuroimagers and philosophers of mind explore critical issues and controversies that have arisen...