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Complex Analysis
Cambridge University Press (2018)

A new edition of a classic textbook on complex analysis with an emphasis on translating visual...

Mathematics Of Life: Unlocking the Secrets of Existence

Mathematics Of Life

Unlocking the Secrets of Existence

Profile Books (2011)

A new partnership of biologists and mathematicians is picking apart the hidden complexity of animals...

The Handy Chemistry Answer Book
Visible Ink Press (2013)

Simplifying the complex chemical reactions that take place in everyday through the well-stated...

What Is Mathematics?: An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods

What Is Mathematics? (2nd ed.)

An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods

Oxford University Press (1996)

Written for beginners and scholars, for students and teachers, for philosophers and engineers, What...

Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch
Ebury Publishing (2011)

Roundworld is in trouble again, and this time it looks fatal. Having created it in the first place,...

The Science of Discworld IV: Judgement Day

The Science of Discworld IV

Judgement Day

Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen and 1 more...
Ebury Publishing (2013)

The fourth book in the Science of Discworld series, and this time around dealing with THE REALLY BIG...

The Science Of Discworld II: The Globe
Ebury Publishing (2011)

The acclaimed Science of Discworld centred around an original Pratchett story about the Wizards of...

The Foundations of Mathematics
OUP Oxford (2015)

The transition from school to university mathematics is seldom straightforward. Students are faced...

Infinity: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2017)

Ian Stewart considers the concept of infinity and the profound role it plays in mathematics, logic,...

Symmetry: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2013)

Symmetry is an immensely important concept in mathematics and throughout the sciences. In this Very...