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In Search Of Schrodinger's Cat: Updated Edition
Transworld (2012)

Quantum theory is so shocking that Einstein could not bring himself to accept it. It is so important...

Computing with Quantum Cats: From Colossus to Qubits

Computing with Quantum Cats

From Colossus to Qubits

Transworld (2013)

The quantum computer is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Pioneering physicists are on the...

Deep Simplicity: Chaos, Complexity and the Emergence of Life

Deep Simplicity

Chaos, Complexity and the Emergence of Life

Penguin Books Ltd (2009)

'Gribbin takes us through the basics with his customary talent for accessibility and clarity' ...

Science: A History: A History
Penguin Books Ltd (2009)

In this book, John Gribbin tells the story of the people who made science and the turbulent times...

Erwin Schrodinger and the Quantum Revolution
Transworld (2012)

Erwin Schrödinger was an Austrian physicist famous for his contribution to quantum physics. He won...

Stephen Hawking: A Life in Science
Little, Brown Book Group (2016)

'A gripping account of a physicist whose speculations could prove as revolutionary as those of...

Orion (2012)

The day of ice and fire, that brings in its wake devastation to the world. Dr Robert Graham,...

The Science of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials: With an Introduction by Philip Pullman
Hachette Children's Group (2017)

The amazing true science behind the fiction of His Dark Materials , ideal for fans of the original...

The Reason Why: The Miracle of Life on Earth

The Reason Why

The Miracle of Life on Earth

Penguin Books Ltd (2011)

Does one planet really matter among the immensity of the Cosmos? John Gribbin is here to persuade us...

Schrodinger's Kittens: And The Search For Reality

Schrodinger's Kittens

And The Search For Reality

Orion (2012)

Accessible exploration of one of the most exciting areas of scientific inquiry - the nature of...