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Biology of Marine Mammals
Smithsonian (2013)

Taking an integrated approach to the biology of marine carnivores, cetaceans, and sirenians,...

To Have and to Hold: Marrying and its Documentation in Western Christendom, 400–1600

To Have and to Hold

Marrying and its Documentation in Western Christendom, 400–1600

Cambridge University Press (2007)

This 2007 volume analyzes how, why, and when pre-modern Europeans documented their marriages.

Coral Reef Conservation
Cambridge University Press (2006)

A multi-disciplinary account of the current status, problems, and solutions to the coral reef...

Creating Multicultural Change on Campus
Wiley (2014)

Embrace the best practices for initiating multicultural change in individuals, groups, and...

Money Management For Canadians All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies
Wiley (2009)

All the information you need to manage your money wisely in one great guide Looking to expand your...

Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries: Fish Biology
Wiley (2008)

Recent decades have witnessed strong declines in fish stocks around the globe, amid growing concerns...

Avoiding Errors in Adult Medicine
Wiley (2012)

Some of the most important and best lessons in a doctor’s career are learnt from mistakes. However,...

Oxford Handbook of Practical Drug Therapy
OUP Oxford (2011)

This Handbook mirrors the leading national guides to prescribing. The safe and effective use of...

Management Learning: Integrating Perspectives in Theory and Practice

Management Learning

Integrating Perspectives in Theory and Practice

SAGE Publications (1997)

Management Learning introduces the context and history of management learning and offers a critical...

Cambridge O Level English
Hodder Education (2016)

Ensure full coverage of the latest syllabus for examination from 2018 with a full-colour textbook...