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Secularism and Muslim Democracy in Turkey
Cambridge University Press (2009)

This book discusses whether it is possible for a political party with deeply religious ideology to...

Islam, Populism and Regime Change in Turkey: Making and Re-making the AKP
Taylor and Francis (2020)

Islam, Populism and Regime Change in Turkey explores the role of religion (Sunni, Hanefi Islam) in...

Islamic Political Identity in Turkey
Oxford University Press (2003)

In November of 2002, the Justice and Development Party swept to victory in the Turkish parliamentary...

Nostalgia for the Empire: The Politics of Neo-Ottomanism

Nostalgia for the Empire

The Politics of Neo-Ottomanism

Oxford University Press (2020)

Nostalgia for the Empire examines the social and political origins of beleaguered and wistful...