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National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy

National Populism

The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy

Penguin Books Ltd (2018)

A SUNDAY TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR A crucial new guide to one of the most important and most...

Fascism: A History
Random House (2011)

Fascism is one of the most destructive and influential political movements of the twentieth century....

European Political Cultures
Taylor and Francis (1997)

This comparative study of the political cultures of the major european nations, explores the notion...

Western Democracies and the New Extreme Right Challenge
Taylor and Francis (2003)

By the turn of the 1990s, Western democracy appeared destined to become the universal governmental...

The New Extremism in 21st Century Britain
Taylor and Francis (2012)

Since the 1990s, there has been a growing concern about the resurgence of extremist and radical...

Charisma and Fascism

Fascism remains a topic that fascinates both academic and general audiences. This is the first book...

Contemporary Political Ideologies
Taylor and Francis (2019)

"In everyday usage, 'ideology' tends to be a pejorative term, synonymous with the dogmatic or...