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Interrogating the Real
Bloomsbury Publishing (2013)

Slavoj Žižek is one of the world's foremost cultural commentators: a prolific writer and thinker,...

Bloomsbury Publishing (2016)

The concept of disparity has long been a topic of obsession and argument for philosophers but Slavoj...

Žižek on Race: Toward an Anti-Racist Future

Žižek on Race

Toward an Anti-Racist Future

Bloomsbury Publishing (2020)

Slavoj Žižek's prolific comments on anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, scapegoating, popular nationalism,...

The Universal Exception
Bloomsbury Publishing (2007)

The Universal Exception is the second volume of the selected writings of Slavoj Žižek-one of the...

Profile Books (2010)

Zizek argues that the physical violence we see is often generated by the systemic violence that...

The Neighbor: Three Inquiries in Political Theology, with a new Preface

The Neighbor

Three Inquiries in Political Theology, with a new Preface

University of Chicago Press (2013)

In Civilization and Its Discontents , Freud made abundantly clear what he thought about the...

God in Pain: Inversions of Apocalypse

God in Pain

Inversions of Apocalypse

Slavoj Zizek, Boris Gunjevic and 1 more...
Seven Stories Press (2012)

A brilliant dissection and reconstruction of the three major faith-based systems of belief in the...

How To Read Lacan
Granta Publications (2011)

'These [How to Read] books let you encounter thinkers eyeball to eyeball by analysing passages from...

The Puppet and the Dwarf: The Perverse Core of Christianity

The Puppet and the Dwarf

The Perverse Core of Christianity

MIT Press (2003)

One of our most daring intellectuals offers a Lacanian interpretation of religion, finding that...

The Parallax View
MIT Press (2009)

In Žižek's long-awaited magnum opus, he theorizes the "parallax gap" in the ontological,...