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A Falcon Flies: The Ballantyne Series 1

A Falcon Flies

The Ballantyne Series 1

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

She heard another movement pass behind her turned shoulder, a whisper of sound, yet so chilling that...

The Sound of Thunder: The Courtney Series 2

The Sound of Thunder

The Courtney Series 2

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

In the same way Sean saw it coming, he recognised it as the murderous rage which before had nearly...

The Angels Weep: The Ballantyne Series 3

The Angels Weep

The Ballantyne Series 3

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

The lion rose lightly into the air, and settled like a huge yellow bird on the horse's back,...

The Quest: The Egyptian Series 4

The Quest

The Egyptian Series 4

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

She is omnivorous. No matter age or appearance, physical frailty or imperfection. It is not their...

Call of the Raven
Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2020)

THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR ACTION ADVENTURE FANS. The action-packed and gripping new ...

Men of Men: The Ballantyne Series 2

Men of Men

The Ballantyne Series 2

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

Zouga was left alone, as alone in spirit as he had ever been in any of his wanderings across the...

When the Lion Feeds: The Courtney Series 1

When the Lion Feeds

The Courtney Series 1

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

'What is it?' Sean felt the first tingle of alarm. 'N'yoni', said Mbejane softly and Sean saw...

Blue Horizon: The Courtney Series 11

Blue Horizon

The Courtney Series 11

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

Jim sprang back on to the truck of the violently rocking wagon, and stared across at Manatasee. She...

Hungry as the Sea
Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

Each time it seemed that she could not rise in time to meet the cliff of water that bore down her....

Those in Peril: Hector Cross 1

Those in Peril

Hector Cross 1

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

He mounted his assault rifle to his shoulder and fired a three-shot burst into the thorn bush. The...