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From Beyond and 16 Other Macabre Masterpieces
Renaissance E Books (2002)

A chilling collection of classic terror tales by the man Stephen King calls 'the 20th century horror...

The Dunwich Horror
The Floating Press (2016)

In this supremely creepy story from horror master H.P. Lovecraft, an unspeakable horror is unleashed...

The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Tales
Random House (2011)

Between these pages you will find things that lurk, things that scurry in the walls, things that...

At the Mountains of Madness
Open Road Media (2017)

This classic mind-shattering tale, which “ranks high among the horror stories of the English...

Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales of H.P. Lovecraft


The Best Weird Tales of H.P. Lovecraft

Orion (2008)

WIKIPEDIA says: 'H.P. Lovecraft's reputation has grown tremendously over the decades, and he is now...

The H. P. Lovecraft Collection
Arcturus Digital Limited (2017)

This collection includes everything from his early macabre stories to his tales of the dreamlands,...

The Shunned House
The Floating Press (2012)

American author H.P. Lovecraft was known for putting his own unique twist on classic horror themes....

Eldritch Tales: A Miscellany of the Macabre

Eldritch Tales

A Miscellany of the Macabre

Orion (2011)

Following on from the phenomenal success of NECRONOMICON comes ELDRITCH TALES. Howard Phillips...

The Dunwich Horror
Penguin Books Ltd (2008)

Deadly forces are about to be awakened … In the degenerate, unliked backwater of Dunwich, Wilbur...

At the Mountains of Madness
Penguin Books Ltd (2018)

' To that flash of semi-vision can be traced a full half of the horror which has ever since haunted...