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Redefining Stalinism

Born in 1879 in Georgia, Stalin joined the Bolsheviks under Lenin in 1903 and became General...


Stalin was one of the most rulthless and authoritarian dictators in world history. This concise...


Gregory Rasputin features in Russian history as a malign and destructive force, a man with an...

Lenin: A biography (Text Only)

‘Based on research among thousands of unpublished documents concealed in the Communist Party...

Trotsky: The Eternal Revolutionary (Text Only)

‘Absorbing… I now place Volkogonov’s great biographical triptych [Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky] at the top...

Secret Classrooms: An Untold Story of the Cold War

Secret Classrooms

An Untold Story of the Cold War

Faber & Faber (2013)

'Here is a vivacious account of how in the 1950s, under Eden and Lloyd at the Foreign Office, some...

Stalin and the Soviet-Finnish War, 1939-1940

This is the verbatim record of a secret and hitherto unpublished meeting, held in the Kremlin in...