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Random House (2011)

This astute biography brilliantly captures, in one volume, the full range of Winston Churchill's...

The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire
Random House (2010)

No empire has been larger or more diverse than the British Empire. At its apogee in the 1930s, 42...

Eminent Elizabethans: Rupert Murdoch, Prince Charles, Margaret Thatcher & Mick Jagger

Eminent Elizabethans

Rupert Murdoch, Prince Charles, Margaret Thatcher & Mick Jagger

Random House (2012)

Margaret Thatcher, Rupert Murdoch, Prince Charles, Mick Jagger - four figures who have illuminated...

Edward VIII (Penguin Monarchs): The Uncrowned King
Penguin Books Ltd (2016)

'After my death,' George V said of his eldest son and heir, 'the boy will ruin himself within twelve...

Hawker Of Morwenstow: Portrait of an Eccentric Victorian

Hawker Of Morwenstow

Portrait of an Eccentric Victorian

Random House (2011)

This illuminating biography of Robert Stephen Hawker (1803-75) unravels fully the famous Cornish...

The Dark Valley
Random House (2016)

Piers Brendon's magisterial overview of the 1930s is the story of the dark, dishonest decade - child...

Churchill's Bestiary: His Life Through Animals

Churchill's Bestiary

His Life Through Animals

Michael O'Mara (2018)

'From beak to tail feather and from flipper to fin, this is a book that will long be known, read and...