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European Consumer Access to Justice Revisited
Cambridge University Press (2014)

What is European consumer access to justice, and how can we improve it by means of procedural and...

Legal Certainty in a Contemporary Context: Private and Criminal Law Perspectives
Springer Singapore (2016)

Thisbook addresses issues concerning the shifting contemporary meaning of legalcertainty. The book...

Flexibility in Modern Business Law: A Comparative Assessment
Springer Japan (2016)

This book brings together a number of contributions examining how changes associated with economic...

Collective Actions: Enhancing Access to Justice and Reconciling Multilayer Interests?

Collective Actions

Enhancing Access to Justice and Reconciling Multilayer Interests?

Cambridge University Press (2012)

This volume of essays examines whether collective actions can enhance access to justice for...

The Shifting Meaning of Legal Certainty in Comparative and Transnational Law
Bloomsbury Publishing (2017)

The principle of legal certainty is of fundamental importance for law and society: it has been vital...

Networked Governance, Transnational Business and the Law
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2013)

This book brings together a unique range of case studies focusing on networks in the context of...