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World War II Desert Tactics

From 1940 to 1943 North Africa saw the first major desert campaign by modern mechanised armies. The...

Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses Grant was his country's greatest general since George Washington. Like Washington, Grant's...

US Doughboy 1916–19

Dedicated to the life of the average US soldier during World War I, this book follows the doughboy...

German Infantryman vs British Infantryman: France 1940

When Hitler's forces poured into France and the Low Countries in 1940, the uneasy peace of the...

English Castles 1200–1300

The simple castles raised after the Norman conquest had been developed throughout 11th and 12th...

Appomattox 1865: Lee’s last campaign

Appomattox 1865

Lee’s last campaign


From an internationally renowned expert on US history, this highly illustrated title details the...

The Forts of Judaea 168 BC–AD 73: From the Maccabees to the Fall of Masada

The Forts of Judaea 168 BC–AD 73

From the Maccabees to the Fall of Masada


This book analyzes the fortifications of Hasmonaean and Herodian Judaea from the middle of the...

Napoleonic Light Cavalry Tactics

During the Napoleonic Wars all the major combatants fielded large numbers of light cavalry. These...

Armies of the Russo-Polish War 1919–21

In 1917 Poland was recognised as a state by Russia, but the Bolshevik coup threatened this. The...

German Infantryman vs Russian Infantryman: 1914–15

The Eastern Front of World War I is sometimes overshadowed by the fighting in the West. But the...