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The Czech Republic: A Nation of Velvet

The Czech Republic

A Nation of Velvet

Taylor and Francis (2000)

Czechoslovakia has captured the nation's imagination throughout the twentieth century. The Allied...

Slovenia: Evolving Loyalties


Evolving Loyalties

Taylor and Francis (2004)

A clear and concise introduction to contemporary Slovenia. It examines the country's rapid...

Uzbekistan: Transition to Authoritarianism


Transition to Authoritarianism

Taylor and Francis (2000)

Uzbekistan more than any other country in the area is likely to play a critical role in shaping...

Belarus: A Denationalized Nation


A Denationalized Nation

Taylor and Francis (2013)

In any assessment and understanding of Belarus, the key questions to address include; why has...

The Russian Far East: The Last Frontier?
Taylor and Francis (2002)

This book is a comprehensive introduction to the contemporary Russian Far East (RFE) and offers an...

Slovakia: The Escape from Invisibility


The Escape from Invisibility

Taylor and Francis (2002)

Since Slovakia achieved independent statehood at the end of 1992 it has become one of the most...

Russia: A State of Uncertainty


A State of Uncertainty

Taylor and Francis (2001)

Over the last hundred years, Russia has undergone a succession of failed projects of state...

Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Polity on the Brink
Taylor and Francis (2004)

Emerging from communism in the early 1990s, the new state of Bosnia and Herzegovina was immediately...

Lithuania: Stepping Westward


Stepping Westward

Taylor and Francis (2001)

Lithuania restored her independence, after half a century of Soviet occupation, in the immediate...

Croatia: Between Europe and the Balkans


Between Europe and the Balkans

Taylor and Francis (2002)

Croatia, Between Europe and the Balkans addresses the key developments in economics, politics,...