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Science, Order and Creativity
Taylor and Francis (2010)

One of the foremost scientists and thinkers of our time, David Bohm worked alongside Oppenheimer and...

Ideas: General Introduction to Pure Phenomenology


General Introduction to Pure Phenomenology

Taylor and Francis (2012)

With a new foreword by Dermot Moran ‘the work here presented seeks to found a new science –...

How the Irish Became White
Taylor and Francis (2012)

'…from time to time a study comes along that truly can be called ‘path breaking,’ ‘seminal,’...

The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds
Taylor and Francis (2012)

Helping both parents and psychologists to arrive at a better understanding of the inner emotional...

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Taylor and Francis (2014)

How can management be developed to create the greatest wealth for society as a whole? This is the...

Psychological Types
Taylor and Francis (2016)

Psychological Types is one of Jung's most important and famous works. First published in English by...

Romantic Image
Taylor and Francis (2001)

For the past four decades Frank Kermode, critic and writer, has steadily established himself as one...

Heart and Mind: The Varieties of Moral Experience

Heart and Mind (3rd ed.)

The Varieties of Moral Experience

Taylor and Francis (2003)

With a new introduction by the author. It is a book of superb spirit and style, more entertaining...

The Pursuit of Signs
Taylor and Francis (2001)

To gain a deeper understanding of the literary movement that has dominated recent Anglo-American...

Fact and Fiction
Taylor and Francis (2009)

First published in 1961, Fact and Fiction is a collection of Bertrand Russell’s essays that...