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Taylor and Francis (2012)

Adolf Hitler is the most notorious political figure of the twentieth century. The story of his life,...

Oliver Cromwell
Taylor and Francis (2006)

In this concise and accessible biography, Martyn Bennett examines the life of Oliver Cromwell – one...

Taylor and Francis (2002)

This new biography provides a full account of Leon Trotsky's political life, based upon a wealth of...

Emmeline Pankhurst
Taylor and Francis (2012)

In this well-structured, fluent and lively account, Paula Bartley uses new archival material to...

Henry V
Taylor and Francis (2012)

Henry V of England, the princely hero of Shakespeare’s play, who successfully defeated the French at...

John F. Kennedy
Taylor and Francis (2013)

A lively, concise and cutting-edge biography of one of the towering figures of 20th-century history....

Henry VIII
Taylor and Francis (2015)

This new edition of Lucy Wooding’s Henry VIII is fully revised and updated to provide an...

Louis XIV
Taylor and Francis (2017)

Louis XIV ruled France for more than half a century and is typically remembered for his absolutism,...

Taylor and Francis (2003)

Gladstone is one of the most important political figures in modern British history. He held the...

Taylor and Francis (2004)

This engaging new biography dispels many myths surrounding Nehru, and distinguishes between the icon...