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The Myths of Innovation

In this new paperback edition of the classic bestseller, you'll be taken on a hilarious, fast-paced...

Resource Economics

A text for students with a background in calculus and intermediate microeconomics and a familiarity...

A Course in Environmental Economics: Theory, Policy, and Practice

This graduate text provides a compelling narrative of current environmental economics that...

Beyond Growth: The Economics of Sustainable Development

Beyond Growth

The Economics of Sustainable Development

Beacon Press (2014)

"Daly is turning economics inside out by putting the earth and its diminishing natural resources at...

From Uneconomic Growth to a Steady-State Economy

In this important book, Herman E. Daly lays bare the weaknesses of growth economics and explains...

Research Handbook of Finance and Sustainability

The severe consequences of the global financial crisis 2008-2009 and numerous accounting frauds and...

Behavioural Economics of Climate Change: New Empirical Perspectives

This book investigates various kinds of climate change mitigation behaviour, which range from a...

Paying for Pollution: Why a Carbon Tax is Good for America

Paying for Pollution

Why a Carbon Tax is Good for America


Paying for Pollution incisively examines the very real costs-economic and social-of climate change...

Climate Change

How climate aware are you? Ron Immink says that he first became aware of climate change about 10...

Mineral Resources, Economics and the Environment

Written for students and professionals, this revised textbook surveys the mineral industry from...