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The Bourgeois Revolution in France 1789-1815
Berghahn Books (2006)

In the last generation the classic Marxist interpretation of the French Revolution has been...

Memoirs of the Court of Marie Antoinette: Queen of France
The Floating Press (2008)

Memoirs of the Court of Marie Antoinette is an inside look into the life of Marie Antoinette, Queen...

The History of Napoleon Bonaparte
Joshua James Press (1906)

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was a general of the French Revolution, the ruler of France as First...

The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2001)

Beginning with a discussion of familiar images of the French Revolution, garnered from Dickens,...

The French Revolution: From its Origins to 1793

The French Revolution (2nd ed.)

From its Origins to 1793

Taylor and Francis (2001)

Internationally renowned as the greatest authority on the French Revolution, Georges Lefebvre...

The History of Napoleon Buonaparte
The Floating Press (1915)

"Nations yet to come will look back upon his history as to some grand and supernatural romance....

The Politics of the Veil
Princeton University Press (2009)

In 2004, the French government instituted a ban on the wearing of "conspicuous signs" of religious...

The French Wars of Religion, 1562–1629
Cambridge University Press (2005)

This is the 2005 second edition of a comprehensive study of the French wars of religion.

The Course of French History
Taylor and Francis (1991)

This stimulating one-volume history traces the social and economic evolution of France as a nation...

Reinterpreting the French Revolution: A Global-Historical Perspective

Reinterpreting the French Revolution

A Global-Historical Perspective

Cambridge University Press (2002)

Stone attributes the outbreak of the French Revolution to international/domestic pressures on...