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Data-Driven Science and Engineering: Machine Learning, Dynamical Systems, and Control

Data-Driven Science and Engineering

Machine Learning, Dynamical Systems, and Control

This beginning graduate textbook teaches data science and machine learning methods for modeling,...

Programming in Haskell

This extensively updated and expanded version of the best-selling first edition now covers recent...

Discovering Statistics Using R

The R version of Andy Field's hugely popular Discovering Statistics Using SPSS takes students on a...

Sufficient Dimension Reduction: Methods and Applications with R

Sufficient Dimension Reduction

Methods and Applications with R

CRC Press (2018)

Sufficient dimension reduction is a rapidly developing research field that has wide applications in...

An Introduction to Statistics using Microsoft Excel: Research Textbook Collection

This book explains the statistical concepts and then uses Microsoft Excel functions to illustrate...

Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo

Guiding students through the task of doing computer-assisted analysis using NVivo, this...

The Algorithm Design Manual

Expanding on the highly successful formula of the first edition, this book now serves as the primary...

Programming in Haskell

A textbook on the functional programming language Haskell, with all concepts are explained from...

Program Logics for Certified Compilers

This tutorial for graduate students covers practical and theoretical aspects of separation logic...

Programming with Mathematica®: An Introduction

This practical, example-driven introduction teaches the foundations of the Mathematica language so...