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Making Sense: Small-Group Comprehension Lessons for English Language Learners

Making Sense

Small-Group Comprehension Lessons for English Language Learners


Reading is all about understanding. Many English language learners simply do not understand what...

Lessons from Good Language Learners

This book considers the strategies used by successful language learners, in the light of current...

Second Language Writing

This text is a highly accessible and authoritative approach to the theory and practice of teaching...

Two Way Aboriginal Schooling: Education and cultural survival

Two Way Aboriginal Schooling

Education and cultural survival


Since the late 1970s, many Aboriginal communities have been moving towards control of their...

Listening in the Language Classroom

This book challenges received ideas about the teaching of second language listening, and offers a...

Bilingualism in Development: Language, Literacy, and Cognition

Bilingualism in Development

Language, Literacy, and Cognition

Describes how intellectual development of bilingual children differs from that of monolingual...

Ladybugs, Tornadoes, and Swirling Galaxies: English Language Learners Discover Their World Through Inquiry

Ladybugs, Tornadoes, and Swirling Galaxies

English Language Learners Discover Their World Through Inquiry


Brad Buhrow and Anne Garcia are primary teachers in a diverse school in Boulder, Colorado. In ...

Academic Language for English Language Learners and Struggling Readers: How to Help Students Succeed Across Content Areas
Heinemann (2008)

The Freemans answer busy secondary teachers’ questions about supporting ELLs and struggling readers...

Teaching ESL/EFL Listening and Speaking

Using a framework based on principles of teaching and learning, this guide for teachers and teacher...

McGraw-Hill's Spanish for Educators (Book Only)

Communicate with your Spanish-speaking students and parents as easy as uno, dos, tres A working...