Nonclassical mathematical logic

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Intensional Mathematics

``Platonism and intuitionism are rival philosophies of Mathematics, the former holding that the...

A Short Introduction to Intuitionistic Logic
Springer US (2006)

Intuitionistic logic is presented here as part of familiar classical logic which allows mechanical...

Multiple-Valued Logic: Concepts and Representations

Multiple Valued Logic: Concepts and Representations begins with a survey of the use...

Many-Dimensional Modal Logics: Theory and Applications

Modal logics, originally conceived in philosophy, have recently found many applications in computer...

Quantification in Nonclassical Logic

Quantification and modalities have always been topics of great interest for logicians. These two...

Function Algebras on Finite Sets: Basic Course on Many-Valued Logic and Clone Theory

Function Algebras on Finite Sets

Basic Course on Many-Valued Logic and Clone Theory


Functions which are defined on finite sets occur in almost all fields of mathematics. For more than...

Essays on Non-Classical Logic

This book covers a broad range of up-to-date issues in non-classical logic that are of interest not...

Intuition and the Axiomatic Method

Following developments in modern geometry, logic and physics, many scientists and philosophers in...