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Revolutionary Justice in Paris, 1789–1790
Cambridge University Press (2002)

This book examines how France's revolutionary authorities handled political opposition in the year...

Cambridge University Press (1999)

Collection of essays which illuminate many facets of Robespierre's career, life and thought.

The French Revolution and Empire: The Quest for a Civic Order
Wiley (2008)

This book provides students and general readers with an introduction to revolutionary France whilst...

A Companion to the French Revolution

A Companion to the French Revolution comprises twenty-nine newly-written essays reassessing the...

Transcultural Teens: Performing Youth Identities in French Cités

Transcultural Teens

Performing Youth Identities in French Cités

Wiley (2015)

Transcultural Teens provides readers with a window onto the cultural and linguistic creativity of...

The Third Republic in France 1870-1940: Conflicts and Continuities
Taylor and Francis (2000)

An essential introduction to the major political problems, debates and conflicts which are central...

Richelieu and Mazarin
Taylor and Francis (1998)

Richelieu and Mazarin by Geoffrey Treasure compares these two striking, but very different,...

The Fifth French Republic: Presidents, Politics and Personalities: A Study of French Political Culture
Taylor and Francis (1998)

The Fifth French Republic is a study of modern French politics and history, discussing the five...

The French Revolution and Napoleon: A Sourcebook
Taylor and Francis (2002)

The upheavals, terror, and drama of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic period restructured...

The French Wars 1792-1815
Taylor and Francis (2001)

A highly original and critical introduction to the revolutionary and napoleonic conflicts. It...