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Hiroshima: The World's Bomb


The World's Bomb

OUP Oxford (2008)

The international history of the development of the atomic bomb, its first use against Japan, and...

The Barbary Wars: American Independence in the Atlantic World

The Barbary Wars

American Independence in the Atlantic World

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2007)

The history of America's conflict with the piratical states of the Mediterranean runs through the...

The Rise of European Security Cooperation
Cambridge University Press (2007)

A systematic and comprehensive analysis of the significant increase in security cooperation among...

A Military History of Australia
Cambridge University Press (2008)

A revised and updated edition of one of the most acclaimed accounts of Australian military history.

The Conquests of Alexander the Great
Cambridge University Press (2007)

Waldemar Heckel provides an engaging and balanced overview of the conquests of Alexander the Great.

European Warfare, 1350–1750
Cambridge University Press (2010)

Leading military historians illuminate the major developments in European warfare during a period of...

War and Society in Early Modern Europe: 1495-1715
Taylor and Francis (1997)

War and Society in Early Modern Europe takes a fresh approach to military history. Rather than...

Origins of the Second World War Reconsidered
Taylor and Francis (1999)

When A.J.P. Taylor's The Origins of the Second World War appeared in 1961 it made a profound...

Warfare and Society in Imperial Rome, C. 31 BC-AD 280
Taylor and Francis (2002)

This well-documented study of the Roman army provides a crucial aid to understanding the Roman...

The Origins of the Second World War 1933-1941
Taylor and Francis (2004)

Updated and expanded throughout to take into consideration the most up-to-date historical research,...