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Fénelon in the Enlightenment: Traditions, Adaptations, and Variations: With a preface by Jacques Le Brun

François Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon, Archbishop of Cambrai (1651–1715) exerted a considerable...

Napoleon III and the Second Empire
Taylor and Francis (1997)

In Napoleon III and the Second Empire , Roger D. Price considers the mid-century crisis which...

The Congress of Vienna 1814-1815
Taylor and Francis (1998)

In 1814-1815, after the French revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, the leaders of the most important...

Napoleon the Little
The Floating Press (2011)

This pointedly satirical assessment of the governing skills of Napoleon set into motion a series of...

Josephine: The Rose of Martinique


The Rose of Martinique

Pan Macmillan (2011)

A rich and evocative biography which tells the extraordinary story of one of the most remarkable...

The Burning of Moscow: Napoleon's Trail By Fire 1812

The Burning of Moscow

Napoleon's Trail By Fire 1812

Pen and Sword (2014)

As soon as Napoleon and his Grand Army entered Moscow, on 14 September 1812, the capital erupted in...

Taylor & Francis Ltd (2004)

Written in an accessible style and assuming no prior knowledge, the books in this series address the...

The French Wars 1792-1815
Taylor and Francis (2001)

A highly original and critical introduction to the revolutionary and napoleonic conflicts. It...

France, 1814-1940
Taylor and Francis (2003)

This celebrated classic now includes a new introduction by Robert Tombs. The history of nineteenth...

The Wars of the French Revolution and Napoleon, 1792-1815
Taylor and Francis (2012)

Written by an experienced author and expert in the field, Wars of the French Revolution and...