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Leaves of Grass
The Floating Press (1900)

Leaves of Grass is a collection of poems by Walt Whitman originally published in 1855 at the...

The Great War and Modern Memory
Oxford University Press (1975)

The year 2000 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of The Great War and Modern...

The Aeneid
The Floating Press (2009)

Aeneas appears in The Illiad in vague snatches and starts as a traveling warrior of great piety who...

The Memoir Book
Allen & Unwin (2007)

A clear, engaging and practical 'how-to' guide to writing a memoir, by Australia's...

The Art of Poetry: How to Read a Poem

The Art of Poetry

How to Read a Poem

Oxford University Press (2008)

The Art of Poetry offers a step-by-step introduction to skills for reading poetry, working...

Poetry For Dummies
Wiley (2011)

Sometimes it seems like there are as many definitions of poetry as there are poems. Coleridge...

New Hart's Rules: The Oxford Style Guide

New Hart's Rules (2nd ed.)

The Oxford Style Guide

OUP Oxford (2014)

New Hart's Rules provides the information and guidance you need to prepare written copy to a high...

Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. (1987)

Richard Janko's acclaimed translation of Aristotle's Poetics is accompanied by the most...

Poetics: by Aristotle


by Aristotle

MobileReference.com (2008)

This is an electronic edition of the complete book complemented by author biography....

Media Poetry: An International Anthology

Media Poetry

An International Anthology

Intellect Books Ltd (2007)

The first international anthology to document a radically new poetry which takes language beyond the...