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International Handbook on Public–Private Partnerships
Edward Elgar Publishing (2010)

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) promise much and present an exciting policy option. Yet as this...

Mummy from Hell: Two Brothers. A Sadistic Mother. A Childhood Destroyed.

Mummy from Hell

Two Brothers. A Sadistic Mother. A Childhood Destroyed.

Ebury Publishing (2010)

My brother Patrick remembers my first beating, of which I assume I was completely unaware. He was...

Key Concepts in Family Studies
SAGE Publications (2010)

A well priced introductory student reference title for this popular, interdisciplinary field.

Ma, I've Got Meself Locked Up in the Mad House
Mainstream Publishing (2011)

Martha is now in her thirties. Her daughter has left home and she is lonely and vulnerable. The hard...

Commercial Aviation Safety 5/E
McGraw-Hill Education (2011)

A Complete, Fully Updated Guide to COMMERCIAL AVIATION SAFETY Presenting the latest procedures and...

One Nation, Uninsured: Why the U.S. Has No National Health Insurance

One Nation, Uninsured

Why the U.S. Has No National Health Insurance

Oxford University Press (2006)

One Nation, Uninsured offers a vividly written history of America's failed efforts to address the...

Talking Policy: How social policy is made

Talking Policy

How social policy is made

Judith Bessant, Rob Watts and 1 more...
Allen & Unwin (2005)

An introduction to the process of social policy making in Australia. The authors emphasise the...

Policing Gangs in America
Cambridge University Press (2006)

This 2006 book provides an in-depth look at the police response to gang problems.

Race and Policing in America: Conflict and Reform
Cambridge University Press (2006)

This book is about relations between police and citizens, with a focus on racial differences.

Gender, Equality and Welfare States
Cambridge University Press (1996)

Feminist critique of US, UK, Swedish, and Dutch welfare systems, with proposals for achieving...