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An Interpretation of Religion: Human Responses to the Transcendent

An Interpretation of Religion (2nd ed.)

Human Responses to the Transcendent


An updated new edition of the groundbreaking investigation which takes full account of the finding...

The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind: Access to a Life of Miracles

Moving in the spiritual realm should be as much a part of a believer's routine as prayer, worship...

Introduction to the Study of Religion

Why do people study religion? How have they studied it in the past? How do we study religion today?...

Why Gods Persist: A Scientific Approach to Religion

Why Gods Persist (2nd ed.)

A Scientific Approach to Religion


What is it about religion that appeals to people? Why do religions and religious beliefs persist in...

The Way Things Are: Conversations with Huston Smith on the Spiritual Life

The Way Things Are

Conversations with Huston Smith on the Spiritual Life

"Where can we find what is ultimately meaningful? How can we discover what is truly worth knowing?"...

Religion: The Basics

From the local to the global level, religion is – more than ever – an important and hotly debated...

Contemporary Theories of Religion: A Critical Companion

Interest in theories of religion has never been greater. Scholars debate single theoretical...

What is Religion?

We all know what religion is - or do we? Confronted with religious pluralism and cultural diversity,...

Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures

This exhaustive volume catalogs nearly three thousand demons in the mythologies and lore of...

What is Religion?

Religious belief is one of the most pervasive and ubiquitous characteristics of human society....