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Encountering the Sacred: The Debate on Christian Pilgrimage in Late Antiquity

Encountering the Sacred

The Debate on Christian Pilgrimage in Late Antiquity

University of California Press (2005)

This innovative study sheds new light on one of the most spectacular changes to occur in late...

John Murray Press (2011)

Multi-award winning spirituality writer Philip Yancey is loved throughout the world for his honest,...

Preaching to Skeptics and Seekers  :
Abingdon Press (2003)

Shows preachers how to better understand the needs of seekers by examining the questions and answers...

Just in Time! Palm Sunday and Holy Week Services
Abingdon Press (2007)

Features ready-to-use lectionary-based worship and preaching resources for Palm Sunday and Holy...

Architecture of the Sacred: Space, Ritual, and Experience from Classical Greece to Byzantium

Architecture of the Sacred

Space, Ritual, and Experience from Classical Greece to Byzantium

Cambridge University Press (2012)

This book investigates the role of architecture in the construction of sacred experience in ancient...

Girls and Women in Classical Greek Religion
Taylor and Francis (2003)

It has often been thought that participation in fertility rituals was women's most important...

Sound, Lighting and Video: A Resource for Worship
Taylor and Francis (2012)

Lights, Camera,Worship! is a manual for all of your technical needs. To draw people into your church...

Ritual: Perspectives and Dimensions--Revised Edition


Perspectives and Dimensions--Revised Edition

Oxford University Press (1997)

Catherine Bell offers a practical introduction to ritual practice and its study, surveying the most...

Ritual: A Very Short Introduction
Oxford University Press (2015)

In this Very Short Introduction , Barry Stephenson approaches ritual from theoretical and...

Pilgrimage: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2015)

Pilgrimage is found in most religious cultures, from Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and India, to France,...