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Anthropocene: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2018)

Climate scientists, geologists, ecologists, and archaeologists recognize the profound effects of...

Mineral Resources, Economics and the Environment
Cambridge University Press (2015)

Written for students and professionals, this revised textbook surveys the mineral industry from...

Ecology in Action
Cambridge University Press (2016)

Integrates process and content of core areas of ecology using an engaging narrative, fascinating...

Dinosaurs: A Concise Natural History

Dinosaurs (3rd ed.)

A Concise Natural History

Cambridge University Press (2016)

Fully updated, lively and beautifully illustrated in full colour, Dinosaurs encourages students to...

Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomorphology
Cambridge University Press (2019)

Grounded in current research, this second edition has been thoroughly updated, featuring new topics,...

Geophysics for the Mineral Exploration Geoscientist
Cambridge University Press (2014)

A state-of-the-art overview of geophysical methods for mineral exploration, demonstrating practical...

Structural Geology Algorithms: Vectors and Tensors
Cambridge University Press (2011)

An innovative lab book providing a unified methodology for problem solving in structural geology...

Climate Change: The Science, Impacts and Solutions

Climate Change (2nd ed.)

The Science, Impacts and Solutions

CSIRO Publishing (2009)

Leading climate researcher Barrie Pittock revisits the effects that global warming is having on our...

Essentials of Atmospheric and Oceanic Dynamics
Cambridge University Press (2019)

A concise introduction to atmosphere-ocean dynamics at the intermediate-advanced undergraduate...

Global Warming and Climate Change Demystified
McGraw-Hill Education (2008)

A non-heated discussion on global warming and climate change Interested in getting to the core of...