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Introduction to Modern Climate Change
Cambridge University Press (2011)

This introductory textbook on the problem of modern climate change – science, economics and policy –...

Gravity and Magnetic Exploration: Principles, Practices, and Applications

Gravity and Magnetic Exploration

Principles, Practices, and Applications

Cambridge University Press (2013)

This combined textbook and reference manual introduces key topics and techniques in gravity and...

Soil Analysis: An Interpretation Manual: An Interpretation Manual

Soil Analysis: An Interpretation Manual

An Interpretation Manual

KI Peverill, LA Sparrow and 1 more...
CSIRO Publishing (1999)

A practical guide to soil tests for Australian soils and conditions.

The Rock Physics Handbook: Tools for Seismic Analysis of Porous Media

The Rock Physics Handbook (2nd ed.)

Tools for Seismic Analysis of Porous Media

Gary Mavko, Tapan Mukerji and 1 more...
Cambridge University Press (2009)

A significantly expanded new edition of this practical guide to rock physics and geophysical...

Air Pollution and Global Warming: History, Science, and Solutions

Air Pollution and Global Warming (2nd ed.)

History, Science, and Solutions

Cambridge University Press (2012)

A new edition of this full-color introductory textbook, for students taking a course on air...

Anthropocene: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2018)

Climate scientists, geologists, ecologists, and archaeologists recognize the profound effects of...

CRC Press (1996)

This introductory text addresses the principles and mechanisms of toxicology as applied to...

Introduction to Water Resources and Environmental Issues
Cambridge University Press (2009)

Provides a thorough introduction for undergraduate students to the complex and crucial world of...

Essentials of the Earth's Climate System
Cambridge University Press (2014)

A concise, non-mathematical, full-color introduction to modern climatology, covering the key topics...

Earth History and Palaeogeography
Cambridge University Press (2016)

This book provides a complete Phanerozoic story of palaeogeography, using new and detailed...