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Networks: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2012)

Networks are involved in many aspects of everyday life, from food webs in ecology and the spread of...

Measuring Progress: Is Life Getting Better?: Is Life Getting Better?
CSIRO Publishing (1998)

A wide-ranging exploration of national progress spanning social, economic and environmental...

Australia's Biodiversity and Climate Change
CSIRO Publishing (2009)

Strategic assessment of the vulnerability of Australia's biodiversity to climate change.

The Action Plan for Australian Mammals 2012
CSIRO Publishing (2014)

A comprehensive snapshot of the current conservation status of Australian mammals.

World-Wide-Walks: Crossing Natural-Cultural-Virtual-Frontiers


Crossing Natural-Cultural-Virtual-Frontiers

Intellect Books Ltd (2019)

This book presents Peter d’Agostino’s World-Wide-Walks project, providing a unique perspective on...

Sex Ratios: Concepts and Research Methods

Sex Ratios

Concepts and Research Methods

Cambridge University Press (2002)

Theory and methods of exploring sex ratios in plants, animals and microbes.

Conserving Living Natural Resources: In the Context of a Changing World
Cambridge University Press (2002)

Essential reading for undergraduate students of conservation biology and living natural resource...

The Theoretical Biologist's Toolbox: Quantitative Methods for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The Theoretical Biologist's Toolbox

Quantitative Methods for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Cambridge University Press (2006)

This textbook provides a no-nonsense introduction to the principles of theoretical and mathematical...

Trees: Their Natural History

Trees (2nd ed.)

Their Natural History

Cambridge University Press (2014)

An updated and revised edition providing an introduction to all aspects of tree biology and ecology.

Discovering the Deep: A Photographic Atlas of the Seafloor and Ocean Crust

Discovering the Deep

A Photographic Atlas of the Seafloor and Ocean Crust

Cambridge University Press (2015)

A beautifully illustrated reference providing fascinating insights into the hidden world of the...