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Systems Biology: Properties of Reconstructed Networks

Systems Biology

Properties of Reconstructed Networks

Cambridge University Press (2006)

This textbook in systems biology describes how to model networks, how to determine their properties...

Introduction to Computational Genomics: A Case Studies Approach
Cambridge University Press (2006)

Self-contained and entertaining introduction to computational genomics, using a case-studies...

Bioinformatics for Biologists
Cambridge University Press (2011)

A team of renowned bioinformaticians take innovative approaches to lead biology students from first...

Introduction to Conservation Genetics
Cambridge University Press (2002)

The first teaching text in the developing field of conservation genetics.

Phylogenetic Networks: Concepts, Algorithms and Applications

Phylogenetic Networks

Concepts, Algorithms and Applications

Daniel H. Huson, Regula Rupp and 1 more...
Cambridge University Press (2010)

First interdisciplinary overview of phylogenetic networks, covering biological background, the...

Genomics and Bioinformatics: An Introduction to Programming Tools for Life Scientists

Genomics and Bioinformatics

An Introduction to Programming Tools for Life Scientists

Cambridge University Press (2012)

A hands-on introduction to Unix, Perl and other bioinformatics tools using relevant and interesting...

The Gene: An Intimate History

The Gene

An Intimate History

Random House (2016)

THE NEW YORK TIMES NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER Spanning the globe and several centuries, this is...

DNA: Promise and Peril
University of California Press (2004)

The genetic revolution has provided incredibly valuable information about our DNA, information that...

Introduction to Conservation Genetics
Cambridge University Press (2010)

Student-focused, robust teaching package, with a strong illustration programme, now including...

Human Evolution: Trails from the Past
OUP Oxford (2007)

This book is intended as a comprehensive overview of hominid evolution, synthesising data and...