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Reservoir Geomechanics

A practical reference for geoscientists and engineers in the petroleum and geothermal industries.

Numerical Methods of Exploration Seismology: With Algorithms in MATLAB®

Technical guide to the theory and practice of seismic data processing with MATLAB algorithms for...

Structural Geology

This market-leading textbook has been updated to include a chapter on joints and veins, additional...

Applied Geostatistics with SGeMS: A User's Guide

A step-by-step user guide to geostatistical modeling for Earth Science graduates and researchers,...

Discovering the Deep: A Photographic Atlas of the Seafloor and Ocean Crust

Discovering the Deep

A Photographic Atlas of the Seafloor and Ocean Crust

A beautifully illustrated reference providing fascinating insights into the hidden world of the...

Weather, Macroweather, and the Climate: Our Random Yet Predictable Atmosphere

Weather, Macroweather, and the Climate

Our Random Yet Predictable Atmosphere


This book describes in simple terms a new paradigm for understanding the atmosphere, that goes...

The Sun Today

There are several billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy. One of them is the middle-aged G2V yellow...

Geophysics for the Mineral Exploration Geoscientist

A state-of-the-art overview of geophysical methods for mineral exploration, demonstrating practical...

Structural Geology

A full-color introduction to the basic principles of structural geology, with unique links to...

Seismic Amplitude: An Interpreter's Handbook

Seismic Amplitude

An Interpreter's Handbook

This book introduces practical seismic analysis techniques and evaluation of interpretation...