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Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomorphology
Cambridge University Press (2019)

Grounded in current research, this second edition has been thoroughly updated, featuring new topics,...

Essentials of Atmospheric and Oceanic Dynamics
Cambridge University Press (2019)

A concise introduction to atmosphere-ocean dynamics at the intermediate-advanced undergraduate...

Weather: A Concise Introduction


A Concise Introduction

Cambridge University Press (2017)

An accessible, beautifully illustrated text, covering the fundamentals of meteorology in a concise...

An Introduction to Tides
Cambridge University Press (2019)

A self-contained introduction to tides, explaining the origin of tidal constituents and their wave...

Climate and the Oceans
Princeton University Press (2011)

The oceans exert a vital moderating influence on the Earth's climate system. They provide inertia to...

Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics: Fundamentals and Large-scale Circulation

Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics

Fundamentals and Large-scale Circulation

Cambridge University Press (2006)

Graduate book on atmospheric and oceanic fluid dynamics for meteorology, atmospheric science and...

Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems: Linear Interactions Including Wave-Energy Extraction

Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems

Linear Interactions Including Wave-Energy Extraction

Cambridge University Press (2002)

This 2002 book examines the interaction between ocean waves and oscillating systems, with a focus on...

Coastal Processes with Engineering Applications
Cambridge University Press (2004)

Text on coastal engineering and oceanography covering theory and applications intended to mitigate...

Waves in Oceanic and Coastal Waters
Cambridge University Press (2010)

Describes physical and statistical aspects of waves for graduates, researchers and engineers.

Whales, Whaling, and Ocean Ecosystems
University of California Press (2006)

This unprecedented volume presents a sweeping picture of what we know about the natural history,...