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Gaining Ground, Second Edition: The Origin and Evolution of Tetrapods

Gaining Ground, Second Edition (2nd ed.)

The Origin and Evolution of Tetrapods

Indiana University Press (2012)

Around 370 million years ago, a distant relative of a modern lungfish began a most extraordinary...

Prehistoric Mammals
Western Australian Museum (2013)

In 1909 a rich accumulation of many thousands of bones was excavated from Mammoth Cave in...

Evolution of the Insects
Cambridge University Press (1753)

Beautifully illustrated complete evolutionary history of insects: their living diversity,...

Extinctions in the History of Life
Cambridge University Press (2004)

Topical review of the role of extinction in evolution for students and researchers.

Plants and the K-T Boundary
Cambridge University Press (2008)

A study of the fate of plants during the 'great extinction' 65 million years ago.

Cambridge University Press (2008)

Based on modern clinical knowledge Palaeopathology is designed to help bone specialists with...

The Cave of Fontéchevade: Recent Excavations and their Paleoanthropological Implications

The Cave of Fontéchevade

Recent Excavations and their Paleoanthropological Implications

Cambridge University Press (2008)

Summary of recent Paleolithic excavations at Fontéchevade, France, and their archaeological and...

Climate Modes of the Phanerozoic
Cambridge University Press (1992)

This 1992 book assesses the information on the warm and cold states of the Earth's past climates to...

Biostratigraphy: Microfossils and Geological Time


Microfossils and Geological Time

Cambridge University Press (2008)

Essential reading for advanced students and researchers working in basin analysis, sequence...

Benthic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the South Caribbean Region
Cambridge University Press (2005)

Around 1000 species of benthic foraminifera from the classic southern Caribbean region are...