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Python Data Science Handbook: Essential Tools for Working with Data

Python Data Science Handbook

Essential Tools for Working with Data


For many researchers, Python is a first-class tool mainly because of its libraries for storing,...

A Student's Guide to Data and Error Analysis

A concise, practical guide in statistical methods for experimental data handling; ideal for course...

Adventures with a Microscope

Embark on 59 adventures in the natural world: the structures of numerous microscopic animals; what...

Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals

Storytelling with Data

A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals

Wiley (2015)

Don't simply show your data—tell a story with it! Storytelling with Data teaches you the...

Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Biologists

An essential textbook for any biologist needing to design experiments, sample programs or analyse...

Bayesian Methods for Ecology

An accessible text describing how to use Bayesian methods of statistical analysis in ecology.

Essentials of Research Design and Methodology
Wiley (2005)

Master the essential skills for designing and conducting a successful research project Essentials...

Remington Education: Drug Information and Literature Evaluation

This text teaches students how to effectively and efficiently locate and analyze up-to-date drug...

How to Write and Illustrate a Scientific Paper

A broadened second edition of this informative guide that helps first-time and experienced writers...

Research Projects and Research Proposals: A Guide for Scientists Seeking Funding

This book is a guide to writing scientific research proposals for submission to funding agencies.