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Photochemistry, History and Commercial Applications of Hexaarylbiimidazoles: All about HABIs
Elsevier Science (2006)

The objective of this book is to acquaint the reader with a novel class of photochemical oxidants...

Advances in LC-MS Instrumentation
Elsevier Science (2006)

The different LC-MS techniques available today were developed to suit specific analytical needs and...

Introduction to Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Elsevier Science (2007)

The concept of Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) is often difficult to grasp, even for Magnetic...

Counterterrorist Detection Techniques of Explosives
Elsevier Science (2011)

The detection of hidden explosives has become an issue of utmost importance in recent years. While...

NMR of Polymers
Elsevier Science (1996)

NMR has made important contributions to our understanding of structure–property relationships in...

Fundamentals of Radiation Chemistry
Elsevier Science (1999)

This book describes the physical and chemical effects of radiation interaction with matter....

Radioactivity: Introduction and History
Elsevier Science (2007)

Radioactivity: Introduction and History provides an introduction to radioactivity from natural and...

The Physical Basis of Chemistry
Elsevier Science (2000)

If the text you're using for general chemistry seems to lack sufficient mathematics and physics in...

Solving Problems with NMR Spectroscopy
Elsevier Science (1996)

Solving Problems with NMR Spectroscopy presents the basic principles and applications of NMR...

High-Resolution NMR Techniques in Organic Chemistry
Elsevier Science (1999)

From the initial observation of proton magnetic resonance in water and in paraffin, the discipline...