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Imaging Optics
Cambridge University Press (2019)

This comprehensive and self-contained text for researchers and professionals presents a detailed...

Introduction to Optical Microscopy
Cambridge University Press (2019)

Presents a fully updated, self-contained textbook covering the core theory and practice of both...

High-Resolution Electron Microscopy
OUP Oxford (2013)

This book gives the basic theoretical background needed to understand how electron microscopes allow...

Introduction to Optics
Cambridge University Press (2017)

A comprehensive and engaging textbook, covering the main areas of optics and its modern...

Introduction to Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) (2012)

IC chip manufacturing processes are complex methods that draw upon many disciplines. Introduction to...

Jumpstarting Raspberry Pi Vision
Maker Media, Inc (2018)

Learn how to teach a Single Board Computer like a Raspberry Pi to recognize individual faces, using...

OUP Oxford (2017)

This is the first book to cover a new and rapidly developing research field in physics. Miniaturized...

Silicon Photonics Design: From Devices to Systems
Cambridge University Press (2015)

This hands-on introduction to silicon photonics engineering equips students with everything they...

Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers
Cambridge University Press (2008)

Relates the core principles of quantum mechanics to practical applications in engineering, physics,...

Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor

Quantum Transport

Atom to Transistor

Cambridge University Press (2005)

This book presents the atomistic theory of matter related to current flow. MATLAB code and...