Inside Kinship Care

Understanding Family Dynamics and Providing Effective Support

by Bob Broad, Sadie Young, David Pitcher, Don Operario, Andrew Turnell, James Gleeson, Lucie Cluver, Erica Flegg, Jackie Wyke, Geraldine Crehan, Caroline Kuo, Anna Gough, Elaine Farmer, Nick Banks, Sarah Meakings, Paula Hayden, Tom Hawkins, John Simmonds, Graham Music, Susie Essex, Jeanne Ziminski, Amy O'Donohoe, Marilyn McHugh

Kinship care – the care of children by grandparents, other relatives or friends – is a major part of foster care, yet there are distinct issues that arise in care involving family rather than 'stranger' foster carers.

This book takes an in-depth look at what goes on 'inside' kinship care. It explores the dynamics and relationships between family members that are involved in kinship care, including mothers, grandparents, siblings and the wider family. Chapters also discuss issues such as safeguarding, assessment, therapy, encouraging permanence, placement breakdown, support groups, and cultural issues. The final part of the book looks at kinship care from an international perspective, with examples from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the United States.

Drawing on a range of theoretical perspectives and with contributions from different branches of kinship care, this book provides an invaluable overview of the issues involved and how to provide effective support. It will be essential reading for all those working in the kinship care field, including social workers, therapists, counsellors, psychologists and family lawyers.

  • Jessica Kingsley Publishers; October 2013
  • ISBN: 9780857006820
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  • Title: Inside Kinship Care
  • Author: Bob Broad (other); Sadie Young (contrib.); David Pitcher (ed.); Don Operario (contrib.); Andrew Turnell (contrib.); James Gleeson (contrib.); Lucie Cluver (contrib.); Erica Flegg (contrib.); Jackie Wyke (contrib.); Geraldine Crehan (contrib.); Caroline Kuo (contrib.); Anna Gough (contrib.); Elaine Farmer (contrib.); Nick Banks (contrib.); Sarah Meakings (contrib.); Paula Hayden (contrib.); Tom Hawkins (contrib.); John Simmonds (contrib.); Graham Music (contrib.); Susie Essex (contrib.); Jeanne Ziminski (contrib.); Amy O'Donohoe (contrib.); Marilyn McHugh (contrib.)
  • Imprint: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

In The Press

Kinship care is a crucial permanence option for children who cannot live at home. It warrants equal status with all other permanence options. This comprehensive kinship care manual covers every aspect of an important social issue. The book made me think differently about relationships we sometimes take for granted. The bond that binds extended families together is beautifully illustrated in many of the well-structured and researched chapters. David Pitcher has assembled a valuable range of contributors, with a prominent international dimension, conveying the central role kinship care plays globally in children's lives.