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The Boy, the Wolf, the Sheep and the Lettuce
Penguin Books Ltd (2005)
6,49 €

You may think you know the riddle of the boy, the wolf, the sheep and the lettuce, but this book...

Penguin Books Ltd (2005)
5,49 €

He felt a curious tingling in his hands and feet. He felt his nose becoming cold and wet, his ears...

Heard it in the Playground
Penguin Books Ltd (1991)
5,49 €

This illustrated collection of amusing poems and songs celebrating primary school life won the...

The Improbable Cat
Penguin Books Ltd (2003)
5,49 €

The Burrell family could never have foreseen the consequences of adopting the tiny stray kitten that...

Friendly Matches
Penguin Books Ltd (2006)
4,99 €

A superb collection of football poems covering many aspects of the game. Written in a variety of...

The Mighty Slide
Penguin Books Ltd (1989)
6,49 €

‘ This is the story Of Alison Hubble, Who went to bed single, And woke up double.’ Here, in...

Please Mrs Butler
Penguin Books Ltd (2003)
6,49 €

Happy 30th birthday, Please Mrs Butler ! This witty collection of school poems by Allan Ahlberg,...

My Brother's Ghost
Penguin Books Ltd (2001)
4,99 €

Frances Foggarty, now in her fifties, remembers her childhood.. When she was nine her ten-year-old...

The Boyhood of Burglar Bill
Penguin Books Ltd (2008)
6,49 €

Coronation Year, 1953, and in Oldbury a Coronation football competition is organized. The boys from...

The Bucket: Memories of an Inattentive Childhood

The Bucket

Memories of an Inattentive Childhood

Penguin Books Ltd (2019)
9,49 €

The Bucket by Allan Ahlberg - the enthralling childhood story one of Britain's best-loved...