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Perihelion Summer
Tom Doherty Associates (2019)
2,88 €

Greg Egan's Perihelion Summer is a story of people struggling to adapt to a suddenly alien...

The Clockwork Rocket: Orthogonal Book One

The Clockwork Rocket

Orthogonal Book One

Orion (2011)
4,53 €

In Yalda's universe, light has mass, no universal speed, and its creation generates energy; on...

Orion (2010)
4,53 €

Since the Introdus in the twenty-first century, humanity has reconfigured itself drastically. Most...

The Nearest: A Original

The Nearest

A Original

Tom Doherty Associates (2018)
0,84 €

When a detective, a new mother, is assigned to the case of a horrific triple murder, it appears to...

Orion (2011)
4,02 €

A million years from now, the galaxy is divided between the vast, cooperative meta-civilisation...

Permutation City
Orion (2010)
4,02 €

The story of a man with a vision - immortality : for those who can afford it is found in cyberspace....

Orion (2010)
4,02 €

Nasim is a young computer scientist, hoping to work on the Human Connectome Project: a plan to map...

Orion (2010)
4,02 €

On the utopian, man-made island, Stateless, Nobel Prize winner Violet Mosala is close to solving the...

Orion (2010)
4,02 €

LUMINOUS collects together one original story plus nine previously unpublished in book form. Greg...

The Eternal Flame: Orthogonal Book Two

The Eternal Flame

Orthogonal Book Two

Orion (2012)
4,02 €

The generation ship Peerless is suffering from a population explosion, and the only way to reduce...