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Four for a Quarter: Fictions
University of Alabama Press (2011)
10,92 €

Normal0falsefalsefalseMicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Four is the magic number in Michael Martone’s Four...

The Blue Guide to Indiana
University of Alabama Press (2014)
10,92 €

The master of the nearly true is back with The Blue Guide to Indiana, an ersatz travel book for...

The Moon over Wapakoneta: Fictions and Science Fictions from Indiana and Beyond

The Moon over Wapakoneta

Fictions and Science Fictions from Indiana and Beyond

University of Alabama Press (2018)
10,92 €

Lyric fictions by a master fabulist of America’s Midwest The Moon over Wapakoneta is vintage...

A Place Of Sense: Essays In Search Of Midwest

A Place Of Sense

Essays In Search Of Midwest

University of Iowa Press (1988)
28,47 €

Collected here are essays by Louise Erdrich, Michael Rosen, Gary Comstock, Mary Swander and Jane...

The Scribner Anthology of Contemporary Short Fiction: 50 North American Stories Since 1970
Scribner (2007)
18,32 €

Fifty remarkable short stories from a range of contemporary fiction authors including Junot Diaz,...

Touchstone Anthology of Contemporary Creative Nonfiction: Work from 1970 to the Present
Touchstone (2007)
17,24 €

From memoir to journalism, personal essays to cultural criticism, this indispensable anthology...

University of Iowa Press (1992)
36,15 €

Anyone who has ever flown over the Midwest knows those patterns of township and field, perfect...

Mercy College: Yesterday & Today
Arcadia Publishing Inc. (2013)
14,25 €

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy in Tarrytown for members of their order before opening to women in...

Winesburg, Indiana: A Fork River Anthology
Indiana University Press (2015)
19,11 €

In the mythical town of Winesburg, Indiana, there lives a cleaning lady who can conjure up the ghost...