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Mexican New York: Transnational Lives of New Immigrants

Mexican New York

Transnational Lives of New Immigrants

University of California Press (2005)
32,80 €

Drawing on more than fifteen years of research, Mexican New York offers an intimate view of...

Derrida and Autobiography
Cambridge University Press (1995)
24,20 €

A reading of the philosophy of Jacques Derrida and an investigation of theories of autobiography.

Late Georgian and Regency England, 1760–1837
Cambridge University Press (2004)
18,15 €

A guide to historical literature on England between 1760 and 1837, emphasising more recent work.

The Link Between Health, Social Issues, and Secondary Education: Life Skills, Health, and Civic Education
World Bank Publications (2007)
10,78 €

This working paper is based on a literature review and country case studies in six Sub-Saharan...

TIME For Kids: Practicing for Today's Tests Mathematics Level 5

TIME For Kids

Practicing for Today's Tests Mathematics Level 5

Shell Education (2016)
26,96 €

There is no better way to prepare fifth grade students for next generation tests than to take...

Braaaiiinnnsss!: From Academics to Zombies


From Academics to Zombies

University of Ottawa Press (2011)
10,88 €

In the fight against zombies, our most important weapons are our brains. It's time to unleash them.

The War with Grandpa
Random House Children's Books (2009)
6,47 €

SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE! The hilarious story of a boy who leaps into battle when he’s...

Effective Classroom Management: A Teacher's Guide
Taylor and Francis (1992)
44,94 €

This latest new edition of Effective Classroom Management is written for new teachers and those...

A Quaker Book Of Wisdom: Life Lessons In Simplicity, Service, And Common Sense

A Quaker Book Of Wisdom

Life Lessons In Simplicity, Service, And Common Sense

HarperCollins (2013)
10,53 €

"The most valuable aspect of religion," writes Robert Lawrence Smith, "is that it provides us with a...

Up a Tree in the Park at Night with a Hedgehog
Random House (2009)
9,49 €

Benton Kirby is in a spot of bother... His life hasn't exactly gone to plan. This is hardly...