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Modernity and the Holocaust
Wiley (2013)
17,09 €

Sociology is concerned with modern society, but has never come to terms with one of the most...

Liquid Times: Living in an Age of Uncertainty

Liquid Times

Living in an Age of Uncertainty

Wiley (2013)
9,89 €

The passage from ‘solid’ to ‘liquid’ modernity has created a new and unprecedented setting for...

Culture as Praxis

In this major work, Zygmunt Bauman classifies the meanings of culture. For Bauman, culture is a...

Liquid Surveillance: A Conversation
Wiley (2013)
9,89 €

‘Today the smallest details of our daily lives are tracked and traced more closely than ever before,...

Liquid Love: On the Frailty of Human Bonds

Liquid Love

On the Frailty of Human Bonds

Wiley (2013)
15,29 €

This book is about the central figure of our contemporary, ‘liquid modern’ times – the man or woman...

What Use is Sociology?: Conversations with Michael Hviid Jacobsen and Keith Tester

What Use is Sociology?

Conversations with Michael Hviid Jacobsen and Keith Tester

Wiley (2014)
14,39 €

What's the use of sociology? The question has been asked often enough and it leaves a lingering...

Intimations of Postmodernity
Taylor and Francis (1991)
48,28 €

This thoughtful and illuminating book provides a major statement on the meaning and importance of...

Work, Consumerism and the New Poor
McGraw-Hill Education (2007)
32,66 €

It is one thing to be poor in a society of producers and universal employment; it is quite a...

The Art of Life
Wiley (2013)
15,29 €

In our individualized society we are all artists of life – whether we know it or not, will it or not...

On Education: Conversations with Riccardo Mazzeo

On Education

Conversations with Riccardo Mazzeo

Wiley (2013)
12,59 €

What is the role of education in a world where we no longer have a clear vision of the future and...