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On Education: Conversations with Riccardo Mazzeo

On Education

Conversations with Riccardo Mazzeo

Wiley (2013)
12,59 €

What is the role of education in a world where we no longer have a clear vision of the future and...

Globalization: The Human Consequences


The Human Consequences

Wiley (2013)
14,39 €

'Globalization' is a word that is currently much in use. This book is an attempt to show that there...

State of Crisis
Wiley (2014)
15,29 €

Today we hear much talk of crisis and comparisons are often made with the Great Depression of the...

The Great Regression
Wiley (2017)
10,79 €

We are living through a period of dramatic political change – Brexit, the election of Trump, the...

This is not a Diary
Wiley (2013)
15,29 €

This is not a diary: while these observations were recorded in autumn 2010 and spring 2011 in the...

Community: Seeking Safety in an Insecure World


Seeking Safety in an Insecure World

Wiley (2013)
15,29 €

'Community' is one of those words that feels good: it is good 'to have a community', 'to be in a...

Society under Siege
Wiley (2013)
17,09 €

Society is under siege – under attack on two fronts: from the global frontier-land where old...

Conversations with Zygmunt Bauman
Wiley (2013)
12,59 €

Zygmunt Bauman is one of the leading figures in contemporary social thought. His work ranges across...

Modernity and Ambivalence
Wiley (2013)
20,34 €

Modern civilization, Bauman argues, promised to make our lives understandable and open to our...

The Individualized Society
Wiley (2013)
17,99 €

We are spurred into action by our troubles and fears; but all too often our action fails to address...