Information for Authors was founded in 1997 as a specialist online ebook-store. We offer titles from hundreds of publishers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia and provide high quality titles to the growing ebook customer base globally.

At we have built an extensive catalogue of digital books from the world's leading publishers and have developed an aggressive marketing strategy to make sure that our titles have the best market exposure possible. only stocks books that have been through the rigorous editorial systems of traditional book publishing and then carefully processed by our fastidious in-house production team.

How can I get my books onto

Arrangements are made between your publisher and to license the sale of your book through the website. If you are interested in seeing your titles on, please ask your publisher to contact us at

Does my publisher have the right to act on my behalf?

You'll need to look at the contract you have with your publisher to see whether arrangements are already in place. If you are unclear please check with your agent or publisher first. If no arrangements exist then you or your agent will need to authorize your publisher.

What rights does wish to obtain? is a new business and the right we need from you is a new right. If we were to acquire all the electronic (or digital) publishing rights this would be too broad for our purposes. For instance, we don't need adaptation rights or interactive rights. So we have defined the right as follows:

Internet Right means the non-exclusive right, in relation to each Book, to market and sell the Book by way of the eBooks Service utilizing search and activity capabilities including hyperlinks, bookmarking, note-taking, highlighting and copying and pasting, and includes the non-exclusive right to digitally reproduce, store and transmit the Works and published editions of Works for that purpose, but does not include the right to:

  • change, adapt or animate a Work;
  • translate a Work;
  • reproduce a Work in the form of a film or video;
  • use a Work in an interactive multimedia format, except to the extent necessary to make the Internet Transcription; or
  • except for Subsidiary Uses, license Customers to make further uses of a Work without the prior approval of the Publisher.

Will be signing up authors and agents direct?

No, and the reason is simple. Unless the title is 'born digital' the eBook is the hardcopy published edition available electronically: same pages, layout, contents, illustrations, indexes and so on. Our objective is to provide eBooks that are virtually identical to the printed version. The publisher of a book retains certain rights over the finished design and layout of a book, and it is therefore necessary for us to reach agreement with the publisher before we can replicate the published work. When authors approach us directly, we ask them to contact us through their originating publishers.

Will the illustrations in my book be included?

Our intention is to replicate the hardcopy in digital form. Of course, there are some differences in resolution of text and image but we create as near a "look-alike" version as we can within practical limits. Books that are complex in their illustrative content have very large file sizes and can take ages to download which, for the present, is a major barrier to sales. We will not be stocking heavily illustrated books until compression technologies and bandwidth availability "catch up".

What if my book has been published by different publishers around the world?

All books available at have to be cleared for world rights. Where those rights have been split between publishers, we manage the rights in a way that suits everyone involved. We report sales by territory to ensure revenue flows to the relevant owners.

Is my copyright protected?

Our primary interface is with individual consumers and not resellers. Our customers do not have the right independently to exploit your copyright for their own commercial gain. We use robust encryption and rights management technology.

We sell our eBooks in PDF format and use Adobe Content Server (ACS) to encrypt the ebooks so that only the legitimate owner of an eBook can read it. The encryption provided is 128-bit and the encryption technology is licensed from the industry leader, RSA Laboratories.

The ACS system allows you to set how little or how much of the book can be printed or copied (to clipboard) and to turn the option to lend either on or off.

What will readers pay to buy eBooks?

Your publisher sets the eBook price in collaboration with us. Most eBooks sell at a meaningful discount to the price of printed versions.

How do I know readers will buy eBooks?

This is a new world but we are confident that there will be millions of Net users who will wish to buy eBooks. Our market research suggests that 78% of Net users are interested in buying fiction on-line.

Will making my book available on affect my sales in hardcopy?

This is a hard call but some evidence suggests that it will increase hardcopy sales. And the sale of parts of your book will reach the photocopying market from which you are currently receiving very little reward.

What currency do you sell in?

We sell at one price in one currency, US dollars, anywhere in the world.

What will I be paid and how?

We distribute revenue to publishers on a regular basis and your publisher will then be responsible for forwarding you your share according to your agreements.