Ib Diploma

Published by Cambridge University Press, the IB Diploma series consists of textbooks intended for use by young adults completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The successful completion of this programme allows for the acceptance into tertiary education courses, and is recognized by many universities internationally. Each book within this series focuses on a broad academic subject (such as history) or a specific topic of study (such as The Cold War), and is written by practitioners or academic experts within these areas. In addition to this, the publishers work with IB Diploma specialists and educators to ensure that these textbooks are written in accordance to the relevant IB Diploma syllabus. This series provides study support for students preparing for their examinations in the form of relevant textual examples, current research, and learning activities. These teach students to approach questions with a critical eye, and provides them with the tools required to express their answers and reasoning in a logical way.

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