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Succeeding with Your Doctorate
SAGE Publications (2005)
29,00 €

'From page one the appeal of the book is evident in the jargon free, user friendly text. I would not...

Your Research Project: Designing and Planning Your Work

Your Research Project (3rd ed.)

Designing and Planning Your Work

SAGE Publications (2011)
29,00 €

Essential reading for students at all levels across the social sciences who want a lively,...

The Literature Review: A Step-by-Step Guide for Students

The Literature Review (2nd ed.)

A Step-by-Step Guide for Students

SAGE Publications (2012)
24,85 €

The complete guide to doing a literature search and review also contains a wealth of features to...

Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates
SAGE Publications (2006)
30,38 €

This guide to critical reading and self-critical writing is a must-have resource for postgraduate...

Doing a Literature Review: Releasing the Research Imagination

Doing a Literature Review (2nd ed.)

Releasing the Research Imagination

SAGE Publications (2018)
30,38 €

In combining a critical, philosophical approach with an expertly selected body of practical...

Doing Your Masters Dissertation
SAGE Publications (2004)
33,14 €

A practical and comprehensive guide to researching, preparing and writing a dissertation at Masters...

Essay Writing: A Student's Guide

Essay Writing

A Student's Guide

SAGE Publications (2010)
19,33 €

A well written, easy to navigate and comprehensive guide to how to develop core skills and to make...

Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management: The Reality of Researching and Writing
SAGE Publications (2006)
26,23 €

This is a research book with a difference. It tells the truth about the research process. Each phase...

Writing and Presenting Research
SAGE Publications (2006)
30,38 €

This accessible and wide-ranging book is an invaluable introductory guide through the choices to be...

Essential Study Skills: The Complete Guide to Success at University

Essential Study Skills (2nd ed.)

The Complete Guide to Success at University

SAGE Publications (2008)
42,79 €

The eagerly-awaited new edition of the successful Essential Study Skills continues to provide a...