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Ecotopia: A Novel
Random House Publishing Group (2009)
13,14 €

A novel both timely and prophetic, Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia is a hopeful antidote to the...

Alpha Force: Black Gold: Book 9
RHCP (2009)
6,49 €

Target: Assassin! The five members of Alpha Force are training in the Caribbean when an oil tanker...

10 Futures
Penguin Random House Australia (2012)
10,88 €

Ten possible futures. Two lives. One enduring friendship. Sam and Tara. Best friends in a future...

Alpha Force: Survival: Book 1
RHCP (2009)
6,49 €

The first in an exciting new series for children from ex-SAS officer and bestselling adult author...

Alpha Force: Hostage: Book 3
RHCP (2009)
6,49 €

Target: Toxic Waste Flying to Northern Canada to investigate reports of illegal dumping of toxic...

Flash Flood: Code Red
RHCP (2010)
6,99 €

Ben's on a trip to London to meet his mum. But an accident at the Thames Barrier, combined with a...

World Without Fish
Workman Publishing Company (2018)
15,67 €

A KID’S GUIDE TO THE OCEAN "Can you imagine a world without fish? It's not as...

Alpha Force: Fault Line: Book 8
RHCP (2009)
6,49 €

Mission: Earthquake Survival Tough training and even tougher missions have turned the five members...

Alpha Force: Hunted: Book 6
RHCP (2009)
6,49 €

Target: Ivory Hunters Alpha Force - an elite five-member squad of highly trained young people -...

Who Is Jane Goodall?
Penguin Young Readers Group (2012)
5,90 €

A life in the wild! Jane Goodall, born in London, England, always loved animals and wanted to...