Inner Fitness for Creating a Better You

Six Lessons for Building Greater Awareness, High Self-Esteem, Good Relationships and Spiritual Meaning

by Suzanne E. Harrill

Inner Fitness is an inspiring, easy-to-use course for self-study or for leaders facilitating groups. Full of helpful exercises for self-discovery and esteem-building handouts, the manual quickly builds awareness and encourages positive life changes. The simple text and exercises help people get to the heart of most problems, building a solid foundation of sound self-esteem.

See yourself like an acorn growing into your full-potential Self once the proper nutrients are available; such as, self-nurturing, awareness, and expressing your feelings. Get to the bottom of many problems by updating destructive guiding beliefs, looking at the influence of the family of origin, and the importance of taking full responsibility for changing your life. Add to this, practical information to understand and build good relationships and improve communication. Other topics also included: the power of using affirmations and journal writing, discussing and healing codependency, dealing with life when it does not go your way, and learning how to find deeper meaning and purpose.

Included in the appendix is a deck of relationship building cards to help couples build greater intimacy. To assist one facilitating a group, there are one-page directions at the beginning of each lesson explaining how to use the worksheets and which ones to copy. This course is full of helpful information if you are interested in changing your relationship with yourself and others. Learn how to create a better you.

  • Innerworks Publishing; March 2003
  • ISBN: 9781883648121
  • Read online, or download in secure PDF format
  • Title: Inner Fitness for Creating a Better You
  • Author: Suzanne E. Harrill
  • Imprint: Innerworks Publishing